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Enriched Economics: Requirements for Discussion Leaders

Dates and Timelines


As discussion leaders, you need to post the discussion questions and key terms by the start of the school day on the Monday of your assigned week.

Students should be posting throughout the week.

Discussion Questions

Create a topic for each of the following:

  1. Key terms (Wait until you have developed the list of key terms/concepts before starting the topic as you can only revise the topic for 15 minutes after you post it)
  2. One topic each for your discussion questions

Topics should be created in the appropriate forum – I created a forum for each set of chapters.

Monitoring the Discussions

If it looks like the discussion is dying down or getting off track, try to encourage people to return to the main topic or add followup questions and thoughts.

Adding a Discussion Topic

  1. Login with the account created for you.
  2. Click Add a New Topic on the top menu bar
  3. Enter the topic title (eg Understanding Question 1)
  4. In the larger box add your question.
  5. Important: Under Forum select the chapter of the book you are assigned.
  6. Leave forum type as Normal.
  7. Click Submit